Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Contemplating a move to Kansas City...

I have lusted after David Jimenez Kansas City home for as long as I can remember.  It is the perfect combination of American and English interiors.  It's cozy, classic warm home.  I could easily move in tonight if David (and Ryan) allowed me to.  If I can't move in, I would be happy to visit over the weekend.  David, if you are reading this, all I ask is that you think about it.  I'm a very tidy houseguest.  I would fit right in.  We could sip red wine or martinis on the patio or the living room.  Both are exquisite!  

Moving on... David has worked with Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware in the past (two of my favourite stores!).  Currently, he is President of visual merchandising and store design for Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City.    His work has been featured in many magazines and blogs.  David's style has been referred to as 'Cary Grant meets modern living'.  It's exactly what I strive for in my own home - the perfect balance of classic and modern design.  David is also known for his beautiful vignettes.  I will focus on those later this week. 

Enjoy the eye candy!!  

I love David's use of symmetry outside and inside his home.  I also love the lamps, tufted sofa, windows and pedestal table in the pictures below.  I know... what is there possibly to hate, right?!  This room is very masculine with a touch of feminine delicateness.  Impeccable!

This living room might be my all-time favourite!!  I love everything about it - light fixutres, mix of dark wood beams and white walls, zebra rug under the coffee table, neutral furnishing, hit of colour with fresh flowers, beautiful vignettes along the walls... I could go on and on! LOVE!

I could definitely see myself in this dining room serving Thanks Giving dinner on my gorgous china with friends and family.  Ah, the dream is beautiful.

I'm keeping this room in mind for when my Uncle Chris decides to redecorate because his favourite colour is blue.  This is a very manyly bedroom.  

I'm certain my husband would love this bedroom.  It's masculine, warm and inviting.  I would need a little bit more colour or a bit more white - a touch of feminine.  

Could I be happy working on my blog from this desk?  YES!  Who wouldn't be?  

Ah, I'm dreaming of waking up in this bedroom.  

Here it is again set up a bit differently.  I'm in love.  (sigh)

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That's all for now friends.  I'm off to bed.

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