Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome home!

First impressions are very important!  If you didn't know that then you do now.  :)  So keeping this in mind, we should always be sure our foyer or entrance to our homes is welcoming.  

I love the look of this English style hallway.  I can completely picture entering this house and feeling at home.  It is so inviting - fresh flowers, light and airy feel, elegant but not stuffy.  

I wish I had a picture of the entire hallway.  This vignette is so elegant!  Silver with a hit of purple.  It might be my new favourite combination!  The wallpaper is from Tracey Kendal l & the lamp base and shade from Graham & Green in the UK.  Why is it everything so cool is made in another country?  Not to say that Canada doesn't produce cool products... I just seem to always fall in love with talent from other countries.  

Again, I haven't shown the entire hallway but i love this picture.  The mirror is perfection!  I have been trying to find something similar to hang above my console table but haven't found one in my price point... which is very limited!  The mirror and table are painted in Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin.  (I think this could be the colour for my new cabinet... I will keep you posted on my progress soon).  I also love the symmetry here.  Gorgeous!
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Based on this foyer, I could come home to this house anytime!  It's elegant but not too formal.  I have a thing for dark hardwood floors and white risers & staircase spindles.  (p.s. No idea how to make the images larger. I will need to figure this out at some point)

It's getting late so I have only one more image for you.  (That's right...10:25pm is very late for me to stay up on a weeknight.  I'm an old lady who will be turning 30 in 4 weeks. ;-))  Words cannot describe my love for this foyer.  I know I've said it before but seriously, look how beautiful and bright it is!  I love every detail from the coffered ceiling to the painted bench, the colour on the walls, to the black and white tiled floor and french style table.  I think I will have to peruse the website I found this on much further.  

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