Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Interior style does not end at the furnishings and accessories in your home or the colour on your walls.  Every detail in your home counts!  A beautiful room should consists of everything from the dinning table you choose to the dinnerware and silverware. 

One of the most exciting activities of planning my wedding was choosing our china. I know it's not every girls dream but for me it was perfect!  I went with my aunt Julia.  We spent hours looking at hundreds of patterns and finally choose this beauty set by Vera Wang for Wedgwood.  I love the delicate gold leaf design! I believe it will never go out of style and I’ll be able to mix and match different colours and patterns with it.  

I choose the Maxfiled silverware from PotteryBarn.  It looks absolutely perfect with my china.  Yes, I'm calling it mine because Ryan could care less.  While contemplating which china to register for I would ask him his opinion.  His response, 'whatever you like'.  :) 

I also chose these beautiful tulip shaped stemware from William Sonoma.

I will use the linen hemstitch napkins from PotteryBarn in white. 

Now I just need to purchase this dining table...

and 8 of these chairs.

Then, all I will have to do is pick out the paint colour or wallpaper, a rug,  chandelier, serving hutch and while I'm at it, maybe a house and win the lotto!! :) I'll have to take it one step at a time even though I want it all now!  (Insert sound of me stomping my feet and pouting)

How do you feel about china and dining rooms?  Do you dream of them as much as I do?  

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