Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's hammer it out!

I have been obsessed with the look of hammered metal for years!  It's not yet a problem.  Don't worry!  My house is not full of it.  I have a small collection of bowls, frames and my everyday silverware.  However, there are many hammered metal objects I desire that will be purchased soon!  

Look at home beautiful it makes a garbage bin and tissue box look?   

Here it is from West Elm - serving trays, water jug, bowl and vase.  

It makes for a beautiful set of cookware.  
Picture via Elements of Style 

Who wouldn't want a hammered metal under-mount sink??  It's definitely on my list of favourite uses. 

This silverware set is similar to mine but not as pretty.  Mine are very shiny!  I would die if one of them was lost because I cannot remember the brand name and I haven't been able to find them again.  They were a gift by my Aunt Julia (who has the same set).  I believe they are from HomeSense.  Keep your eyes out for them and let me know if you ever spot them.

I've been in search of two table lamps for my console table.  This would look gorgeous in my living room but it's slightly more than I can pay right now.  I will definitely keep them in mind for future use.  

Do you have any hammered metal objects at home?  Do you look this look as much as I do? 

Have a great day!!

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  1. Sarah,
    I found your blog courtesy of your comment on stylenorth. You're doing a great job with White Blossom!
    I especially like this post about hammered metal.Yesterday, while I was out scouting I saw a hammered brass lamp at GUFF on Queen Street East. I have too much brass already so I didn't get the price but nothing at GUFF costs very much, it's one of my favorite affordable shops. Go have a look -- the lamp is very much like the West Elm lamp above but a little fatter, rounder, in patinaed brass.


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