Friday, September 11, 2009

Beautiful Bed Linen

Is anyone else exhausted today??  I can't wait to go to bed!  I love my bed, especially the linens.  So it's fitting that i'm writing about bed linens today.  My favourite store to buy linens is Restoration Hardware.  It's pricey but worth every hard earned dollar!!

This is their latest linen - Wentworth Crest.  If I had this on my bed I would feel like a true princess.  I would also wonder why I don't live in a castle.  Don't you think it's fit for royalty!?
I have the Italian Hotel Satin Stitch in white with chocolate brown stitching.  We have had it on our bed for three years and not once have I tired of it.  Ok, I lie but it's still a classic!  It also comes in an ivory base which is gorgeous!  I will probably purchase it one day with the eucalyptus stitch with monogramming.  

I will be purchasing the Italian 600 Satin linens for my future kind size bed.  Sleeping on these sheets is like sleeping in butter.  It's luxuriously soft and almost too good to be true.  
I love the Diamone Matelasse coverlet and shams.  This is what my bed is missing.  It adds another dimension to a monochromatic look.  

If you purchase anything, make it this plush throw.  It's normally $59 but is now on for $39!  RUN FOR IT!!  It also makes a great gift.  I'm sure my sisters will agree.
TGIF!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  If you go out and purchase these linens, I guarantee you will not get out of bed for the rest of the weekend!  

p.s.  Thank you to those who have recently commented on my posts.  It absolutely made my week!!  Every post takes thought, so it's nice to know someone appreciates it.  I love writing this blog.  The last three weeks have been a hoot! 

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