Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby on the brain

I have babies on my brain today.  Well, maybe I should be more specific; I have baby nurseries on my brain.  Don't worry hun, I don't want to have a baby today!!  Someday, yes! :) 

I have noticed a surge in interest for decorating the nursery as carefully as the rest of the house. Those little eyes need stimulation.  I think that's what the following nurseries do very well.  It's also important for mom and dad to feel comfortable and love these rooms as well since they spend ALOT of time in here during the first few months. 

I love the bright blue walls of this nursery and the vines on the wall against the crisp white crib and change table.    

I adore the large lettering on the wall, the rug and the espresso coloured furniture against the cool blue paint.  One of my favourite colour combinations is blue and brown. 

Picture via Design*sponge

This is Jenna Lyons (J Crew creative director) nursery.  I love the wallpapered ceiling against the black wall.  I've seen this yellow and white stripe design in many photos lately.  I must find the name.  A very contemporary nursery! 

Picture via google images

The nursery below is by Wendy Bellissimo for Kelly Rippa's daughter Lola.  I love the mural on the wall!  It's such a classic image.  I wish the ceiling were painted a light blue.  I think it would have pulled the look together a bit further.  But seriously, who am I to judge the designs of Wendy. She has been doing this much longer than me. 

Picture via google images

This has to be the most beautiful nursery I have ever set my eyes upon.  It's GORGEOUS!!!  What else would I expect of Jennifer Lopez! 

Image via annie-thejourney

This room is modern girlie.  I love the grey paint with pink details against the crisp white furniture.  The black and white Chinoiserie fabric and the white chair and ottoman with black piping is fresh. 

Picture via Posh Tots

Another gorgeous grey nursery with what looks like lilac accents.  LOVE!!

On another note, it's FRIDAY and the LAST LONG WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER!!  ENJOY FOLKS!  


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  1. Im ALSO loving all of them annnnd the thoughts of BABIES Mrs. Larose =)
    MY favorite would have to be the elagant nursery by Jennifer Lopez. Spectacular!

    Enjoying this Sarah! Learning lots.


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