Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun with chalk!

I love chalkboard walls!  It makes total sense in a kid's room or a play room but I especially love it in a kitchen or office.  It simply makes the room friendlier... more easy-going.  Just picture walking into a kitchen that has a wall that you can write on.  Wouldn't you automatically think 'this is cool!' and feel more relaxed?  

Here it is painted on the pantry door.  Totally makes sense! 
Picture via Google Images

Here it is on the refrigerator.  It fits right in against black cabinetry.  

Picture via Google Images

This chalkboard wall draws attention.  It's a fantastic focal point. 

Picture via Chancellor Design 

Painting your backsplash makes total sense!  It would make cooking with a recipe much easier.  Very cool!

Picture via Cooking Lite 2007

Love the chalkboard painted canvas with the motivational quote. 

Picture via The Good Design 

It makes total sense in an office.  I would love to use this instead of post-it notes.  

Picture via Loving Living small 

Kids love writing and colouring on chalkboards.  Here it is painted as an elephant.  How cute is that?!

Picture via Kidostore 

I love it on the bench!
Picture via Style Files 

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