Friday, November 13, 2009

Where I would like to rest my head while traveling...

I have been thinking about starting a weekly theme on Fridays.  For weeks, I've been racking my brain on what my topic could be.  Then, it just dawned on me that it would be very cool to feature gorgeous hotels around the world.  I love to travel!  I also love to dream of future vacations.  I think it's fascinating to see how others live.  I don't like to do the touristy thing.  I prefer to see the city like I was a citizen of it.  One of my favourite parts of traveling are the hotels!  I especially enjoy staying in beautiful boutique hotels.  It's rare because they are so expensive.  The few I have stayed in were spectacular.  I thought it would be cool to featue hotels that have stunning design.  After all, this blog is meant to inspire.

First up is JK Place in Florence, Italy.  This hotel features everything I love in design, white walls, black walls, crystal chandeliers, zebra print and a cozy homey feeling.  Maybe it's the idea of being in Florence but I think this is a very romantic hotel.  I can picture touring the city by day and then enjoying a glass (or two) of red wine with my pasta and Ryan.  Absolute perfection!!

All pictures via Tablet Hotels

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