Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Holiday Decor Prep

It's that time of year again!  The holiday season!!  I absolutely love the day after Halloween because it means I can finally start watching Christmas movies, buying decorations, thinking about gifts and start to transform my home into a Holiday wonderland!  :)  I started the process last week with a visit to PotteryBarn, HomSense and Michaels.  My displays are slowly coming together.  I have a few small projects to pull together this weekend and then it will finally start to look like Christmas at the La Rose household.  :) 

Today I want to share with you one of my thrifty purchases.  Normally I shop at PotteryBarn, Restoration Hardware or an equally expensive store.  Yes, I'm still going to these stores but I'm taking more ideas then the actual products home.  Check out the mercury candle holders from HomeSense ranging from $8-$12.  Please don't judge the picture.  I took it 20 seconds before rushing out the door this morning for a work meeting that I was running late for AGAIN! 

Here is the comparison from PotteryBarn.  These are the original that I have lusted over for years but thought were a little too expensive.  They range from $25-$45 (Canadian $). 

I can't wait to dress my console table completely this weekend.  So much fun!!

Happy shopping! :)


  1. This picture makes your living room look so beautiful.
    You should buy a house immediately so I can take over your lease in January :)

  2. Love those candle holders. Too beautiful!


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