Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Restoration Hardware Disappoints!

A few weeks ago my client and I purchased two gorgeous glass table lamps for her bedside tables.  We loved them!!  They were the perfect size and just gorgeous in the room.  Last weekend I was checking out our progress and noticed a HUGE flaw in the lamps.  The cord comes out the top of the base.  It just hangs out the back.  It looked absolutely HORRIBLE!!  I couldn't recommend she keep them. 

Look how gorgeous they are here.  This is what I wanted. 

This is what we got instead.  Notice the cord hanging out the back of the lamp on the left?  It's only slightly noticeable in this picture.  In person against the paint in her room it looks ridiculously obvious!!  RH what are you thinking?  I understand what you were going for with the look of the clear solid glass but please understand that a cord dangling out the back looks much worse then running it through the centre of the base. 

Luckily we saw a few gorgeous lamps at ELTE.  I can't wait to go back.  :) 

Has anyone else noticed and been irritated by this lamp detail?

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