Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping in the US is so much cheaper than in Canada!

Happy Monday!! 

I cannot believe the weekend is over.  This mornings alarm went off to early.  It was cruel and unexpected.  :(  The weekend was great!  I took it easy with Ryan on Friday.  Saturday I shopped all day long with Paula & Jory for their home.  We hit up the very busy Designer Fabrics.  Sarah didn't grace us with her presence but we did come away with very good fabric options for their tufted headboard.  After refueling at Starbucks (seriously, what would I do without that place?!?!) I discovered my new FAVOURITE HOME STORE, ELTE.  As soon as I walked in the doors my heart beat soared.  I was in heaven.  :)  We fell for a coach.  Unfortunately it doesn't come in fabric that works with the already painted living room.  Yes, we are working a bit backwards.  I came into the picture after the paint was selected. 

Ok... I'm terrible at weekend recap or any story for that matter.  I go into way too many details and don't know where to stop.  So, I'm going to just get to the point of my post.  While shopping at ELTE we spotted the most gorgeous chandelier ever!!  Paula and I loved it.  The price we did not love.  Lucky for us it was featured in Cococozy post this morning.  Layla Grace in California sells it for $300 less than ELTE.  I absolutely love when I find a better deal in the US than in Toronto!!  (Can you sense my sarcasm???)  Why does everything in Canada cost so much more than the US?  Our taxes destroy our deals.  I sounds pist off but I'm honestly ecastatic that I found the Arteriors Home Shell Chandelier for a better price.  We can have it delivered to my Aunts house in Virgina and she can bring it up at Christmas.  Autn Karen, how does that sound?

Have a great day!!

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  1. EVERYONE KEEPS TELLING ME ABOUT ELTE! I HAVE NEVER BEEN!!! My husband and I are thinking about going to Toronto sometime in the spring so hopefully that's my chance to go!

    Oh and I used to wonder the same thing about why the US was cheaper until my husband explained it to me. Canadian companies pay to have goods shipped into the country. They have to pay Duty for goods that come over the border. So... their price probably just reflects the fact that their costs are higher. Think of it this way: If someone from Canada were to have that cheaper light shipped to Canada, they'd probably be paying about the same price overall because of the high shipping costs to move an item that size.


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