Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Day Count down!!

Since we are 26 days away from Christmas, I thought I would finally show you the decor around my living room.  We have never had a Christmas tree in our rental (we are always away  for too many days to keep a tree alive) so I really try to surround us with Chrstimas in other ways.  As the years go on I will certainly add more decor.  For now, I will have to stop spending money on decorations and start shopping for gifts. 

The picture below is the view from my sofa.  

I'm off to finish laundry and shop for dinner.  Ryan has been so good to me by making dinner  almost every night for many weeks now.  He deserves a very yummy meal made by me.  :) 

Don't forget to watch Sarah Richardson's Holiday show tonight at 8pm.  I've already watched it once this afternoon.  Yes, you read correctly.  I'm going to be watching it again tonight.  

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  1. Sarah, I love the vignette! I've just recently been turned onto Sarah Richardson and upgraded my cable so I could catch her on the Fine Living Network! Canadian Designers Rock!


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