Friday, November 20, 2009

Boutique Hotels... LOVE!

Well, it was another crazy busy week at work.  I should be still working but my brain turned off.  I just can't look at another spreadsheet or think about another ad campaign for the next two days.  I need to re-energize.  

That's enough about work.  It's the weekend.  WOO HOO!!!!!  I have a lot planned.  I want to finish painting the cabinet.  So far I have one coat of Black Truffle by Ralph Lauren.  I'll need at least one more before sealing it with Wipe on Polly.  Tonight, Ryan and I are taking it easy with a bottle of red, Shepard's Pie and a movie.  Tomorrow I'm taking friends shopping for furniture and we'll be stopping by Designer Fabrics to pick out their headboard fabric.  I can't wait!  I wonder if we'll bump into Sarah Richardson or Tommy?  I'm certain I saw Tommy in the Loblaws parking lot after work.  Saturday and Sunday I'll be hanging out with friends.  At some point I need to bake goodies for a bake sale at work.  Wow!!  I have a lot planned.  It might be too much but it's everything I love to do - hang out with my hubby, shop for the house, drink wine and catch up with friends and a little baking.  What more could a girl want? 

Now for my post, check out the GORGEOUS Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona.  It's spectacular.  I have wanted to visit Barcelona and many other Spanish cities for many years but haven't ventured there yet.  We tried to squeeze it into our UK trip over the Christmas Holidays but thought it would be too many cities and countries in such a short two-week period. 

I love this hotel because it looks like a home.  It's shelves are stocked with books and trinkets.  I love the art work, cozy areas to relax, beautiful gallery style walls, clean lines and neutral tones.  I would definitely make myself at home in this hotel.  I can imagine entertaining may friends in the room below.  The seating is great for conversation over cocktails.  

I would love to hang out on this patio.  Can't you just picture a party in the evening with strings of hanging lights and lots of candles.  It would be spectacular.  

Happy weekend!!

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