Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AT Design Group

While on my lunch hour I browsed the shops along Dupon Street I found a little gem of a store called AT.  The staff were lovely and very helpful.  There are two shops.  I visited the Dupont Street location that housed the larger peices of furntiture (sofa, dining table, dining chairs, sofette...etc).  The vibe is a mix of modern and classic.  There is a choice in fabric and sizes.  It's also a great place to get Christmas or hostess gifts.  Check it out below.  All pictures are from their website.  My camera isn't cooperating right now so I can't show you the exact pieces I'm considering for my client.  I'll try to do that later. 

I love this white convex mirror and the black and gold nesting bowls.  My client will love the mirror in her living room.  It's made locally and comes in 33" or 44".  LOVE!!! 

How adorable are these book ends?  They make me smile.  :)  The chair was featured in the store in a very soft leather.  It was gorgeous.  Great idea if you have kids or messy adults. 

These tables look like large chess pieces.

Ah, hammered metal.  Still love it!  :)

All pictures from AT website

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