Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who doesn't love rich chocolate?!

It's my favourite food!!  It's also one of the best colours to use in designing a dramatic room (in my opinion of course).  I have seen so many gorgeous chocolate brown dining-rooms, living-rooms, kitchens, nurseries, and bedrooms.  The dining room below stopped me in my tracks.  I saw it and sighed 'ah'.  It's very dramatic!  I love how the designer continued the rich chocolate brown paint on the ceiling.  The turquoise, brown and creamy white colour combination is stunning!!  The turquoise has been added so delicatley on the window dressings and the two dining chairs.  The limited use of this colour makes it even more special.  I could easily eat this room.  Can you tell I'm craving a piece of chocolate??  

I'm sure you all know that I love a round dining table.  I'm not the biggest fan of this one but it seems to suite the room.  I also want to point out the absolutely stunning dining chairs.  Any piece of furniture with tufting makes me weak at the knees.  

I love this room so much that I can't possibly put another picture to take away from it's beauty.  Study it.  Love it.  Use it as inspiration because I will.  :)  

It's a busy week for me.  I feel like there is not enough time in my day!  I would love to have a bit more time to concentrate on the blog but it's not possible at the moment.  I'll take whatever time I can get writing it.  

I noticed someone who was a follower of my blog yesterday is not today.  It was upsetting.  So if you have started following my blog please add yourself to my follower list.  I know there are more and more people reading it so I would love to see whom you are.  Thanks again for reading!  xo

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  1. I agree -this dining room is great inspiration! Beautiful use of color! I love how crisp the white molding looks combined with rich chocolate brown!


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