Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to create intriguing Vignettes!

I know many of us struggle to create beautiful table tops.  Where do you start?  How much do you display?  What items do you want to display?  There are no rules!  However, I can provide a few guidelines after studying David Jimenez's work.  I believe he is the master of creating intriguing vignettes! 
  1. Vary the height of the objects you choose to display.  If you are working with a table that people will be sitting around then be sure nothing obstructs their views. 
  2. Use beautiful hardcover books stacked 3 or 4 high with similar colour palette.
  3. Trays are a great way to organize items and keep it looking clean. 
  4. Use contrasting shapes, sizes and finishing to add interest to the display; candles, glass, mirrors, frames, and flowers (fresh not fake!).
  5. Keep in mind the other colours in the room.  Repeat them in your display to add visual impact.
  6. Personalize it!  Make sure the objects you display are in keeping with the room and your style.
  7. Take a picture of the display once you think it's complete.  It will tell you if the table is too cluttered and busy or if it needs a bit more work.  (Brian Gluckstein gave me this tip!)
Now, enjoy David's work in his homes below.  These images should definitely help you style your own tables and if you have any trouble, send me an email.  I would be happy to give advice.

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