Monday, October 5, 2009

A sea of fabric...

Allow me to introduce you to Duralee Fabrics.  If you're already a blogger then I'm sure you are very familiar with these gorgeous fabrics.  So many talented designers have created these luxurious beauties.  I would cover my entire house in these fabrics if it didn't cost me more than I earn in a year.  If nothing else, they provide great inspiration! 

This one would look stunning on a sleek sofa or armchair.  It also cried out dining room to me. 

I can see this as luxurious drapes in a room with the perfect puddle on the floor of a living or bedroom.  Ah, if only...

This fabric puts a huge smile on my face.  It just makes me incredibly happy.  Look how pretty it is!!

This modern print would look fabulous on my couch!!

I LOVE Windsor Smith!!  Her fabrics are fresh, vibrant and easy to visualize on anything and in every room!

I would love to put either of the fabrics below in my bedroom.  They are definitely on my wish list.

Which fabrics are on your wish list?  What strikes your fancy?  

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