Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little shopping trip...

I took my lunch hour to shop for clients.  It was a great day to be out on Queen Street walking around and looking for just the right pieces.  Right now we are concentrating on the master bedroom and living room.  I thought I would share with you the gorgeous pieces from West Elm in Liberty Village & Pavilion on Queen Street.

I don't think these pillows are right for their place but I liked the medium sized white, brown and pink pillow for mine.  Unfortunately, we are in save mode so they will stay at the store.  It's always nice to browse.

Ah, a shelf full of hammered metal.  :)

I loved this rug.  It would be great if it came in other colours.  West Elm buyers, think about it.

This was a very cool candelabra in the form of a silver tree branch.  Again, unfortunately there are no more candles to go with it.  It requires the pencil thin candles.  Let me know if anyone finds them anywhere else.  I think it would look amazing on a Christmas table with berries around it. 
I really liked these storage containers.  They are a very stylish way to organize the office.  How great would they look in a white office with orange accents?  Orange isn't one of my favourite colours but I was really drawn to them.

All items above from West Elm.

I haven't been to Pavilion in a long time.  I use to shop there on a weekly basis when I lived around the corner.  It still has some fabulous pieces.  This is the first item I saw when I walked in.  Check out the very cool table lamps.

This is a chandelier I want to show my clients for their bedroom.  I love the glass mixed with dark metal. It has an industrial feel to it.

LOVE the colour of this pillow.  I think this might be a great colour for their living room.  We'll see what they think.

Check out the stunning table lamp.  I gasped when I saw it.  How cool would this look in any room.  It's a conversation starter.

I love the three of these vases.  I think they will look great in their bedroom.

We are thinking of doing a mirror leaning against one of their bedroom walls.  This one would look fantastic!  I love the nail head type look of it.  See the picture below this one for the close up.

This one was also fantastic and very tall which is a good think because I think Jory is at least 6 feet tall.

This is my absolute favourite!!!

I saw this painting and fell for it.  I think the colours are phenomenal.

Paula, I thought you might like this one.  Art is very personal.  I don't believe it's something a stylist can pick out without the client.  We can only guide our clients to galleries where they find the right piece.

I like this headboard as a starting point.  I love the nail head detail down the side and top of the headboard.  I would add a bit more tufting.  You can barely see the five buttons on it as is.  I also wouldn't go as high on the back.  

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  1. The shopping is so much better there! I am so envious. And those swirly pillows are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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