Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend recap

I had a crazy busy weekend!  I ran around cleaning my place, doing laundry, and shopping on Saturday and then attended a friends wedding at the very hip Berkley Church.  Here are a few pictures of the evening.  I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures if the camera is not physically in my hands.  My camera is also a bit difficult to use.  There are too many hidden settings that confuse me.  

I think every girl gasped 'wow!' when Jo walked down the isle.  She looked stunning!!  The groom was also very sharp in his three-piece suite.  They make a great team.  I'm very happy for them and was so honoured to be included in the celebration.
Robyn & Joanna

Melissa, Ramsey and Grace

Grace & Paul

Bright and early Sunday morning we drove to my hometown Kingston to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and gorge on my moms delicious home cooking.  My family has the absolutely BEST STUFFING recipe ever! It makes me sad to think I won't be having it for another two and a half months.  Three times a year does not make for enough turkey and stuffing.

Since my birthday falls around Thanksgiving weekend we celebrate it with a Smartie birthday cake.  My Aunt Maureen started this tradition when I was very young... maybe around 9 or 10.  Meg, one of my sisters has carried on this tradition.  Take a look at her materpiece this year.  It was deliciously moist and tasty!  Look at the perfect design.  Meg, thank you for baking this cake and being such a great sister.  Love you.

My camera really does not do justice to how beautiful my sisters are in person.  I loved spending the few hours I had with them on Sunday and wish we could see one another more often.  Katie, you really need to move to Toronto!  We would have so many fun girls nights.  :) 

Meg & Katie

Me & Ryan

Nana & Grampy

Dad & Mom

(The photos are terrible quality but it's the best I could do with the camera.  I seriously need to invest in an SLR.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Fun weekend!

    The new Mr and Mrs did look stunning!

    Wishing you a happy belated Thanksgiving and oh my that cake looks delish!

    Did they use M&M for the polka dots?


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