Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nursery Update Part 1

Morning! I realize it's almost 11am and I'm just posting now. I've been stuck in the most boring meeting about budgets and repeat information. I swear my boss has a daily word quota that he needs to reach.   

Below are pictures of what I have purchased for the nursery thus far. The lamp is from HomeSense (Sat purchase) but I think know it's the wrong colour of green and will need to go back which is too bad because I really love the shape, size and colour. The knobs look much brighter in the photo than in person. Right next to the fabric they don't look right but on the dresser with a little separation and a lot of white they will fit in just fine.

The walls will most likely be BM Cloud White or Behr Ultra White (if tonight's paint session goes well). That's all for now…

Oh wait! Side story - Ryan purchased a can of Behr Clear Moon last night from Home Depot. He gets home; I open the can and know immediately something is wrong. It's thicker than molasses and has a blue tinge to it with bubbles. I test out a strip on paper to see that it goes on clear and tacky! My uncle took me back to the store for a new can. 50 minutes later we walk out with the correct base and the correct colour. The customer service girl was awesome to deal with! She was almost as annoyed as I was and gave us 50% discount on the new can with our money back on the defective can. It has definitely not been the best of experiences with Behr but I’m still willing to give it a try. Thank you Home Depot customer service for being so great to deal with!

I will let you know how it goes tonight.

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  1. Those knobs are pure inspiration. I can see your whole nursery designed around them! How exciting! Can't wait to see how your white wall color looks. If you're still contemplating, I highly recommend BM White Dove. It's a soft white w/ just enough crispness but being the design guru you are, you probably already know that. =]


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