Monday, August 30, 2010

Which Paint Product and Which Paint Colour?

We are in the middle of painting our living room.  As you can see, it is a pale yellow or soft cream.  Not and off-white like my wall test proved! 

It looks nice against the wood floors and console table but I don't like it next to our kitchen.

I was thinking about trying Behr for the second coat in Clear Moon becuase BM Aura is so expensive. Unfortunately, the reviews on Behr are not great online.  Do any of my readers have any other experiences?  my uncle swears by it and another friend (LJ) hates it.  I want these walls finished this week.  If I shouldn't use Behr Clear Moon then I need to find an equivelant colour with BM since I've always trusted it.  HELP!!!  

Below is a picture of the paint colour I'm considering with Behr and the kitchen paint colour BM HC-81 Manchester Tan. 

This shot is against the living room painted wall. 

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