Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dining Table Options

I think I have finally found the dining table for our kitchen.  It has been a long hard search for a great table at an affordable price.  I was going to order this one from Restoration Hardware but with taxes and duties it would put the cost over $1,800.  More than we really want to pay considering there are many other purchases for the house still to come (fence, nursery furniture, lighting, rugs, etc).  Another HUGE factor was their reputation is not very good right now.  My sister-in-law ordered MANY pieces from them for their new house and has had a horrible experience dealing with late delivery, delivery the wrong furniture, back orders, bad workmanship!  Seriously, for the price you pay you would think that everything would be perfect.  If someone from RH is reading I would suggest you improve on all of the above mentioned.

Back to my table...  I was recently in Domus at Vaughn Mills and saw a variety of tables that fit our style all built in Canada by a company called Color Shop.  You can choose from different table edges, finishes (antique, matte or gloss), table top (wood or other), table style (round, rectangular, square), table legs (pedestal or 4 leg options) and stains.  It's fantastic!!  This is the one I'm considering but in rectangular not square.  


My only concern is should I match it to the legs of my chairs.  (keep in mind the fabric will be replaced at another time so don't judge that).  Here is a reminder of what they look like. 

Here are the table leg options.  Should I go with another one? Let me know your thoughts.  I would like to order it this week. 


  1. I've heard that about RH recently too. Looks like you've got some nice options. I'd go for a tapered leg with a bit of detail. The last two could work. Are you going to have the table in the same finish as your chairs? Contrasting looks nice too.

  2. I'm going with a dark finish similar to what is on the example table. I think you're right about the leg - round taper with detail at the top.


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