Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Great Store and My Favourite HGTV Designer

I stopped into Chair Table Lamp on Yonge street after a client meeting this afternoon.  It was my first experience.  If you get a chance take a gander.  They have very unique furniture and accessories.  According to the owner Kevin Austin the product changes over daily!  A lot of items are 50% off right now so run!!  If I had my camera I would have taken many photos.  There is a chandelier that I fell for but at $250 it was still more than I could afford for the nursery.  Not everything is as expensive. 

The real point of this post is to tell you my favourite HGTV personality and designer Tommy Smythe was in the store with his colleague Lindsay Mens picking out pieces that Sarah (Richardson for those who don't know me yet) would love.  I almost died!!  I love Tommy even more than I love Sarah.  He is so funny!!  Smaller and a wee bit older looking in person but still incredibly cute!  I did not say hello because I don't like to invade people's personal time but he did smile at me!! :) Love you Tommy!

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  1. Great link! I must go check it out! Tommy rocks. I once saw him at a random suburban mall and my jaw dropped from shock.


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