Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitchen Paint Revealed! What's Next?

I woke up ready to tackle the week and then just before leaving the house my head started to pound.  Another migraine.  They are definitely consistent.  Hopefully the massage tonight and accupuncture tomorrow helps this week.  Did anyone else experience this when they were 4.5 months pregnant? 

I'm just about to leave the house but wanted to post this first.  The first two photos are the kitchen with the original paint colour. 

And now the freshley painted kitchen in BM Manchester Tan.  Love it!  It looks much more grey in the photos than in person. 

Counter is busy because we have dishes drying.  

Next steps: 
  1. Order dining table
  2. Choose fabric and order curtains (I took down the horrible faux bamboo vertical blinds) for the sliding doors and window above the sink
  3. Paint and frame chalkboard (for the small wall not seen in the photo. It's to the right of the doorway)
  4. Purchase and disply art, clock, pictures, plates... something on the long wall. 
  5. Choose and purchase chandelier & work space light (this will be in due time as money is tight)
  6. Replace white range hood with a stainless steel range hood (again, something that can wait as we have other purchases to be made that take priority)
I know... it's a long list of tasks.  We'll have to take it one step at a time as there are many projects that need to be completed throughout the house.  

I'm off to work.  I need to pack 8 hours into 5.5.  Wish me luck!  Have a great day!!  

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