Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Living Room Update Part 2 & Bedroom Update

We (my uncle and Ryan) painted the living room last night.  It needs one more coat but I'm already very happy!!  It's exactly what I wanted - a soft white.  It goes well with the kitchen and hallway.

HomeSense has the best prices and a great selection of lamps and art!  I purchased this canvas on Saturday for the living room.  I'll put it above the fireplace. 

Here is a little update on the bedroom progress.  The dresser and side tables were delivered.  I love them.  Originally I didn't want to get a matching set but the price was right.  The side tables will provide a lot of storage for us.  I purchased the lamps from HomeSense on Saturday.  I love them as is but will most likely paint the base in a high gloss colour at some point - once I figure out the colour scheme and feel of the room. 

I usually like to concentrate on one room at a time because you can get it done a lot quicker and feel a sense of accomplishment.  There is so much to do in every room of our house!!  I bet the only room to be fully completed by Christmas will be the nursery.  I keep telling myself to take it one step at a time.  Once the living room furniture arrives it will make it feel more like a home and somewhere we can entertain. 

I have a busy day scheduled at work.  I must get a proposal out this afternoon and hopefully close the deal by next week.  I really want to hit my Q1 budget and I'm so close!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Gorgeous, all of it! The living room looks amazing, what a lovely color! Hope you are feeling well. xx


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