Friday, September 3, 2010

Burberry Me!

This week has been incredibly hot in Toronto.  I think we are all over the summer.  It was a lovely one with great weather but now that we are in September it's time for cooler days and nights.  Fall is my favourite season!  Maybe it's because my favourite holiday is Thanks Giving or that I get to celebrate my birthday or that it all has to do with cuddling up under the blankets and wearing new clothes.  :)  Of course this year I'm stuffing myself into maternity clothes which are not the same as fresh back-to-school clothes. I miss having 7 different pairs of jeans to choose from and numerous tops and shoes. Any way, I digress...

Whenever the weather gets cooler (We are expecting 18 degrees high this weekend.  Woohoo!!!) I think about Burberry.  I know, you're thinking 'where did that come from?'  But it's true.  My love for Burberry is well known.  In my eyes it's the epitome of the classics.  I love the trench, boots, scarves and accessories.  

I'm might base our bedroom around this throw.  Of course I cannot afford to purchase it but I like the warm colours.  I love how caramel, black and white look against one another.  Don't you? 

Burberry accessories look great in any room of the house.  I love the blue door and the tailored look of this foyer. 
Christopher Maya

This masculine bedroom is not my taste.  However, I can appreciate the crisp white sheets and white walls mixed with plaid.  I just don't love this old Burberry plaid blanket. 

Elle Decor

I think this is going a little too far!  It's like wearing the plaid trench.  Plaid should never be this big! 
Google Images

I'm off to Kingston for the weekend with my sister.  The family hasn't been together since July.  They are all going to be shocked at the size of my baby belly.  Our little Jelly Bean is growing at an incredible rate (or at least it feels like that to me).  I feel some movement.  It's definitely a very cool sensation, which makes me smile or giggle every time.  :)

Have a great long weekend!!

xo Sarah

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