Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh Start - Purple Obsession and a Multi-use Room

Good morning!  I have the most inspiring images from one of the tiniest apartments I've ever seen.  This East Village (NY) apartment is designed and lived in by David Kaihoi, his wife and daughter.  The main room is 8' x 8'.  You read that correctly!  My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I read it.  Even though its extremely small they the room doesn't feel closter phobic to me but looks as if it would wrap around you like a cozy blanket.  The purple walls, painted wood floors (love the design), gorgeous chandelier, and multi-purpose furniture are simply divine!  Not to mention who doesn't love a wall of books!  The owners added antique doors and mouldings to give this once stark white box a prewar feeling. 

This room serves as the foyer, living, dining and study.  How many of us can say the same about the various room functions in our house?  It definitely makes you think that the way most North Americans live is overdone.  Do we really need 4,000 square foot houses or larger? 

All images David Kaihoi from House Beautiful

What do you think?  Could you downsize?  I'm not sure I could live in a home smaller than our current house of 1,500 square feet (not including the basement).  I will however take the multi-purpose functions of this room, the colours, richness and elegant feel of this home and try to apply it to mine.  Would love to have a chandelier like the above in our bedroom!  I love the drama!

Have a great day and a great week!! xo


  1. Magnifico ! Se precisar de costureira para cortinados ano que vem vou para okeville .

  2. Love the painted black cabinetry set against lavender walls: very moody and dramatic!


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