Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Can Light Up My Room Anytime!

I'm obsessed with the Serena Drum Pendant light with it's capiz shells and bronze base.  There is a store on King Street East that has featured it in their window for the last few months.  Every time I walk by or see it in a photo I sigh.  It's beyond gorgeous!  And beyond expensive with a price tag of $2,950!  I will never own it (unless I win the lotto... so maybe there is a chance... a 1 in 1,000,000 chance... but still there is hope). 

Amanda Nisbet

It looks amazing above this kitchen island.  I also can't help but love the lucite stools with their bronze fabric cushions. 

Our living room furniture arrives this afternoon.  I'm heading home at lunch to greet it.  I will definitely post tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed it all turns out!  :)

xo Sarah


  1. I had to do a double take to notice that those stools had backs - love those. And those pendants are amazing - let's hope for a cheap knockoff coming soon!

  2. Totally agree with you love those pendants but those stools are amazing...i want!!


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