Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's new Series - Childs Play

I'm working on getting myself organized with blog postings.  Since I'm pregnant and constantly thinking of what to do with the nursery, what our house will be like once our little one begins to crawl/walk and talking about it with my friends I thought it would be a good idea to have a day designated to kid friendly rooms, furniture and products, etc. 

First up is Crate and Barrels Paterson Bench for the front hall.  A dear friend of mine would love to purchase it but with the duties and taxes in Canada it's far too expensive.  As with many of us who recently bought a home she's got to be smart with her money because there are many purchases to be made. 

Has anyone in Toronto sourced out a similar product but less expensive?  Ideally we (it's like I'm purchasing this as well... I've thought about it but can't afford to right now) would like solid wood.  I have sent her to Naked Furniture to get a quote.  I will let you know what they say once she hears back.

Here are a few entrance storage solutions and mudrooms that can provide great inspiration!  It's all about keeping it clean and simple with easy access storage. 

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