Monday, September 20, 2010

Fresh Start - Margaret Bosbyshell's White & Green Atlanta Bedroom

Good morning!  It's another gorgeous autumn day in Toronto.  I love this season!!  I had a bit of a rough start to my week.  Terrible sleep and woke up with Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time.  It was painful and a bit scary but didn't last long.  So I emailed working saying I would be late, went back to bed and took my time getting ready.  I think I was worried about work which needs to stop.  Baby comes first! 

As with last Monday's post, today we'll start the blogging week off with an inspiring image - a crisp green and white bedroom by Margaret Bosbyshell of Atlanta.  I love how she paired the simple white and green bedding with the bold patterned walls, clean white drapes with a strip of green on the edge and no fuss white chandelier.  There are a few touches of glamour with the gold mirror above the bed, gold framed nightstands and large white fabric headboard that wraps around the edges of the bed.  I could easily climb into that bed and relax in this room today.  Maybe it's because I love the fresh pairing of white and green or because I'm craving/needing more sleep.  Either way, I love this room!! 

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