Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Partner in Crime

I'm very lucky to have the two sisters I do.  They are both someone I admire and respect.  Each has gone through difficult times with work, relationships and the many struggles of growing up.  We are all so different from one another which I think is a very good thing.  We each bring something different to the family and help push each other to do better.  I love you both very much!!

Katie accomplished a goal of hers this weekend.  She has worked so hard over the last year in all that she does pushing herself to do better and deserved to do something fun!  The plan - sky diving!  She allowed me to tag along (an accomplice as my mom put it) Sunday morning. :) We snuck out of the house around 7:15 am before anyone woke.  She thought it best to jump and then tell the story.  This way she avoided the 'ARE YOU CRAZY!' speech from mom.  :)  

However, being the big sister that I am I thought we should give the parents a call to let them know where we were and what Katie was about to do.  Mom wasn't as receptive to the idea as dad.  She basically told me if Katie didn't come home alive I would also reach that same fate.  Haha!  Of course Katie was jumping with a very well qualified instructor who I believe had 4,000 jumps under his belt.  

Her jump was perfection!  The sun was shining making it difficult for me to pick out which of the jumpers she was when landing.  It was only after I heard her laughing that I knew who she was.  The experience was better than she imagined!  I never imagined someone laughing as they came down from the sky.  It was cool to hear her. 

Here are a few pics.  

Even though I can't jump because I'm pregnant (and I've never actually had the desire) I really wanted to go up in this little plane.  

This is Katie (on the left), her friend and their instructors just before they got on the plane.  Look at how calm she is!  

I barely had time to capture her landing.  The sun was in my face and I couldn't see.  I just snapped as many photos as I could before I went blind.  This was taken about 10 seconds before landing.  As mentioned I only knew it was her from her laugh.  :) 

All smiles after the jump!  

I'll sneak my other family members out of the house to do this again anytime!  Meg?  Dad?  Who's up next? 

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  1. I have 2 sisters I totally know what you mean!


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