Friday, May 28, 2010

Dirty Laundry

TGIF!!!  This has been a very good week but also a tiring week.  I just haven't been in the mood to write anything and then last night while doing laundry I thought of how lovely it will be to have my own laundry ROOM (we do laundry in a closet right now)!  Here are a few of my inspirations.  They are just so spacious, clean and organized!


Hampton Design

Hampton Design

House and Home

Sarah Richardson

Style At Home
I have a busy weekend ahead.  Tomorrow we celebrate our niece’first birthday at a country fair and then I'm back to the city to watch Sex & The City 2 with my sister Meg.  Sunday will be busy packing up the rest of the house and then we move on Monday.  Actually we move into a truck which will be parked at my in-laws for 10 days and then we move to the new house June 9th.  Ah, I can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend folks.  xo


  1. Great photos! These are perfect inspiration for my laundry room reno. I can't wait to see your laundry room and the rest of your house. Good luck with the move!!!

  2. All of these are beautiful laundry rooms, and the first one is absolutely a dream! Good luck with the final packing this weekend-- my husband and I are beginning packing this weekend in preparation for our move the second weekend of June!

  3. too funny, my guest blogger did a post on laundry rooms today too! I LOVE your 3rd one! Have a great weekend. xx


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