Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's go back to bed...

Morning folks!  It's Sunday morning and I'm enjoying a tall, half sweet, extra-hot, no whip, no foam, soy mocha at Starbucks (it's my drink which everyone makes fun of because it's so specific... but that's the beauty of starbucks because you get exactly what you want :) ).  I should be focusing on my budget forecast for work but instead I found myself online checking out who has updated their blog and feeling the urge to update you all on what I've purchased this weekend. 

I have been working on the look I want to achieve in our new master bedroom for a few weeks now (most of this is done in my head).  I know I want something different from what we have now which is the RH White Italian Stitch in Chocolate Brown bedding.  I ordered the Pure White 600 Sateen from RH and thought it was going to be pure luxury and that we deserved it for the new house.  I mean how often do you change the style of your bedding?  For me it's not often at all so I don't mind spending the money on it since it will have to last.  However, when the new bedding arrived on Friday I wasn't so ecstatic after laying it out on the bed.  There was something off.  I stared at it for way too long to admit.  I would leave the room and then come back to see if something had changed.  (Do I sound like I'm losing my mind?)  Of course, nothing changed and nor was I getting use to the sheen factor.  The bed was practically glowing!  It was just way too shiny!  So I made the executive decision to take it back and get something a bit more practical for a new family house.  I mean I don't live a luxious life and nor do I have someone to iron my expensive bedding everyday to keep it looking great. 

After an hour with the RH sales person I picked out the Vintage Washed Belgian Linen set in white and couldn't be happier!  It's exactly the look I want to achieve - fresh, practical and elegant.  Linen is luxury and much more affordable.  :)  Now I have to wait 5 1/2 weeks to set it up. 

Ok, I must get back to work and then go check out HomeSense to see what's new.  Have a great Sunday my lovelies.  xo

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  1. Oh, pretty. Glad you finally got what you wanted, no need to settle for something you don't like. We are doing white matelasse this spring for our linens, I'm pretty happy with it so far!


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