Wednesday, May 26, 2010


While I was in Kingston a few weekends ago I stopped by HomseSense.  I like to go there as often as possible.  They had so much to offer with garden furniture and accessories.  It's so very difficult not to purchase everything even without a garden of my own.  Soon, very soon!

I did purchase this beauty for $39!!!!  I love the Moroccan feel.  HomeSense is too good to me.  You should go check out your neighborhood store for great deals!

It will probably go in our master bedroom next to the chair I purchased a few weeks ago (after it's refinished).  Now I need bedside tables, a dresser, curtains and art.  Oh lord this will take a while... I've got quite the task ahead of me because it all needs to be done on with zero dollars a TIGHT budget!

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather we are experiencing (if you're in Southern Ontario).  xo

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  1. I love your new garden bench!! Take your time and have so much fun!!


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