Friday, May 21, 2010

The heart of a home!

Kitchens are always the heart of any home. I absolutely love big kitchens that can accommodate a lot of cupboards, feature an island, two sinks, industrial size fridge, stove and range with an eat-in dining space.
But I also adore a galley kitchen made for cooking and only cooking! A space that is all yours to make as much of a mess or not (I hate messy kitchens). Galley kitchens are made for a maximum of two cooks and no more. Everything is at your fingertips here. The stove, sink and fridge are in close proximity and there is plenty of long counter space. I love the one below.

Have a great weekend!! 


  1. Me too.. galley kitchens are my favorite! Why do you have to live so far away ;)
    Oh, I meant to tell you how much I love your bedroom shots.. what a great space! xx

  2. I absolutely LOVE my galley kitchen. They get a bad rap sometimes but are so functional and easy for us messy cooks.


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