Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Massucco Warner Miller

Morning darlings! It's one of those weeks. I'm struggling to get out of bed and to find drive this week. It has been very cold, raining and dull in Toronto. So instead of fighting it I'm relishing in the laziness - sleeping in, enjoying a few good books and internet browsing. :)

While perusing online I came across a few Massucco Warner Miller Designs which led me to their website. This triple threat design team are incredibly talented and very diverse in their backgrounds. Julie Massucco studied Environmental Design from Syracuse University and then honed her skills while living and studying classical design in Florence, Italy. Melissa Warner studied Business at University of Colorado and then went on to earn her Interior Design degree at FIDM in San Francisco. Carrie Miller developed her architectural eye while living and working abroad in Fashion. It was in Europe that she developed a love for antiques which led her to open her own “Paris flea-style” boutique in Marin County.

I'm crazy about their style and in awe of their careers.  The rooms they design are a testament to their enormous passion and talent.  I love the fresh and vibrant feel of their rooms.  The pictures below will provide a lot of inspiration for the new house.

All pictures via Massucco Warner Miller Website


  1. Lovely! Sorry that you have dreary weather.. we finally just got some sun after two weeks of snowstorms! xx

  2. ok sweet heart.... we are totally on the same wave length! I posted the navy/white trellis paper room on little moth today and saved these last images for Moth for a loving gold post. Are you sure we aren't related?! xoxo

  3. I love those big brown doors, And that painting of the school bus is fabulous!!


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