Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Modern Girlie bedroom & Little Boys bedroom with an update from Moi and Baby.

Morning!  Sorry about yesterday.  I had many plans to post and work on all my postings for the week but then I went through a huge dizzy spell, felt like I was going to faint so I took it easy and rested in bed.  Looking at the computer screen was not an option as it only made me feel more light headed.  I hear this is normal during the third tri but I'm still going to talk to my doctor about it this afternoon.  It was a bit scary.  Luckily Jelly Bean made me fully aware that he was ok by moving around jabbing mom a few times.  :)  (so odd to call myself mom).

Monday afternoon I spent running errands for the house.  We are almost done (for now).  I purchased drapes for the kitchen which Ryan put up last night.  It was quite the difficult task and a good lesson on patience for both of us.  My uncle started to trim out the walls in the nursery.  First coat of paint goes on tonight.  We are using Behr Ultra White.  After trying BM and Para my uncle (the painter of our house) prefers Behr.  I'm going to add a horizontal strip of colour and want a sharp contrast.  If anyone has tips on how to create large horizontal stripes throughout the room please let me know. 

I have rugs for the living room and master bedroom on order from Mat King.  Other than that I just need to hang pictures, put up the bathroom hardware in the powder room, paint the trim in the powder room (not me of course) and maybe buy a plant for the living room.  Then that's it for the down stairs.  I hope to paint our bedroom before Christmas to freshen it up but that's it. 

Today I'm featuring two beautiful bedrooms, one for a modern little girl and the other for a modern little boy.  The first bedroom was featured in Elle Decor.  I think it's absolutely spectacular!  I've always loved grey and pink together but never thought to add yellow (drapes) or green (side tables).  It's so sharp!  Seeing this room makes me want to add grey to our nursery.  Maybe in the rug and glider?  We'll see...

This is the room that made me consider adding horizontal stripes to our nursery.  I will only add one colour to make it as simple and sharp as possible.  The decor is a real contrast between a little boys bed set paired with such dark romans and rug.  The decor will grow with him as he gets older. 
Cookie Kids

I have a busy day (half day) at work and then I'm off to the doctors.  The appointments have increased to every two weeks now.  Today I get tested for diabetes.  Fingers crossed that I'm all good. 

Have a great day!


  1. Appointments every two weeks... you are heading into the home stretch now! Good luck with the diabetes testing.

    When painting stripes, use the green painters tape and really apply pressure along the tape edge to ensure no bleeding. I've heard that applying a thin coat of paintable caulk on the tape edge also helps ensure crisp lines. And remember not to keep the tape on too long otherwise it will bond with the paint.

  2. I love the stripes! Do you have a link for the boys room? I want to find info on the rug.

    Good luck today!

  3. the first picture is amazing. I loved it. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks for these

  4. "Luckily Jelly Bean made me fully aware that he was ok". Was the 'he' a typo or will your nursery have some blue in it?

  5. Julie, it was a total typo. We suspect it's a boy but do not know for sure. :)

    Sara, I don't have a link for the boys room. I had saved the picture a while ago and have no idea where I first saw it.

    Jennifer, thanks for the tips on painting stripes!

  6. Hey Sarah:

    I did this striped paint job in our bedroom as a surprise for my wife while she was away during the summer. Turned out pretty well, I think.


    Lessons I learned:
    • the people that make the 'green' tape mentioned above make a yellow one, too. I think it's called Gold Edge or Razor Edge. It's meant for doing projects like this. Be sure to push the tape down really hard along the edges. (I used a credit card to scrape along it to make sure it was sealed.)
    • do the light stripes first
    • do one coat, then the second one a few hours later (as soon as it is dry)
    • as soon as the second coat is dry enough, peel off the tape. (Slowly!!) If it starts taking any of the stripe paint off, use a knife/razor blade to cut along the edge of the tape (to break the seal with the fresh paint).
    • wait at least a day (more, if you can) before you put the tape onto fresh paint (to do the next stripe colour). Be sure it is super-dry!

    Good luck!


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