Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elte Clearance

If you live in Toronto or anywhere near Toronto then you need to go and check out Elte's NEW Clearance section.  A friend and I had a lot of success shopping at this store on Saturday for her home.  This hide rug pictured below was found in the bedroom section at ridiculous price but we fell hard for it!  Or at least I did.  Then we headed to the clearance section and saw the same rug but slightly smaller for thousands less!!!    My eyes almost popped out of their sockets.  No damage, no real reason other than they have new stock and wanted to get rid of the old stock.  WOOHOO!!!  Needless to say you'll see it featured in a living room I'm working on shortly.  And sadly not my own.  My rug is berber nothingness but it fits the purpose.

It is finally sunny in Toronto!!  I'm still very tired but at least the sun is out providing vitamin D.  Jelly Bean has been moving around a lot this morning.  Sometimes I think I have a mini boxer in my tummy.  What will he or she be like?  I'm so excited to find out.  :)

Have a lovely day! xo

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