Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm back with a nursery update!

What a week!  It has honestly been one of the most insane weeks I've experienced in a long time.  I've been swamped with client requests (yeah!), dealing with what I'll call 'communication issues' and long hours.  I wish I could give you a run down on how each day has gone this week but I think that would be going overboard.  If the show, The Office didn't already exist I would put a request into MTV to tape our daily work life.  You would be amused!  

Now let's get to something inspiring and exciting.  Our nursery is coming together slowly...  Well maybe I should say the ideas are coming together.  

Ryan has finished painting the chandelier from Home Depot.  It looks much better in person and will look amazing in the room. 

The room has been painted white and is still being used as the laundry room. 

I still need to decide on the colour of the horizontal stripes to be painted in the next week or two.  Green is out.  I'm looking at the light turquoise shades.  

I purchased a table lamp from HomeSense but need to replace the shade.  

The bedding has been delivered and we are going to purchase the Jenny Lind crib from Dear Born Baby on Saturday.  I'm still deciding on which Best glider to purchase - the Rena or Hagen.  The fabric selection is horrible!  Do I go with white or buckwheat? 

I have also purchased these drapes from Pottery Barn.  I plan on adding green grossgrain ribbon to them in some way.  Can I just iron it on with double sided tape or do I need to have my MIL help me sew them???   Has anyone done this before and had success?  

We still need a rug.  I haven't seen any that I love and are cheap beacause I'm running out of money.  I want to buy a shelf or two from Ikea.  We still need art for the walls and I would like to make a cork board covered in fabric.  

So far I'm happy with the progress.  I'll keep you posted on any updates.  

It feels so good to be communicating with you again.  I missed the blog world this week!  

Have a great weekend!!  xo


  1. Sorry to hear work is so tough. Just get through it, that's what you have to do sometimes.

    Yay for nursery progress! Love the turquoise lamp. The last paint card in the second row looks like it would work with the lamp and chandelier. For the drapes, I've always found that the stitch witchery stuff always comes apart after a while. Best to get the ribbon sewn on.

    Have you checked Bed Bath & Beyond for rugs, or Home Depot? Sometimes they have a few gems!

  2. Yay Nursery progress! The Jenny Lind Crib is my fav!

    I can't wait to see it all come together.


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