Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ah, the long weekend!

Hi folks, sorry I didn't post yesterday.  The Friday before a long weekend is always hectic in the ad world with last minute requests.  I love it!  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well yesterday so it made for a hard day.

I'm back feeling great today.  Currently relaxing in bed with a fruit and protein smoothie catching up on all that I missed this week.  Including catching you up on the progress of our home decor.

  • Living room rug arrived from Mat King.
  • Living room lamp shades were replaced with ones from Pottery Barn.
  • An old mirror, candle stick holders and plant pot found a new home on our mantel. 
We still need to purchase or do:
  • Purchase a floor lamp for behind the sofa because there really isn't enough light from behind at night.
  • Art for the walls flanking the fireplace.  I was thinking of large floor mirrors but think blank and white art would also look very good.  This will take time and a lot of saving.  The less expensive version will win out. 
  • Curtains!  I don't forsee this in our near future but over the next year it will get done.  
  • Spray paint the ottoman tray a colour that has yet to be chosen.
  • Hang the TV on the wall.
  • Drill holes in the back of the console table to place the cable box, DVD player and modem inside. This is a must over the next few months. 
  • Evenutally have another pillow made or bought with a little more pop of colour!  I haven't yet decided what the second accent colour should be.  
Here is the latest photo taken this morning on my iphone.  I appologize for the poor quality.  

I'm off to finish laundry, colour my hair, run a few errands, purchase the crib, cook potatoes and mash them up for dinner tonight at the in-laws.  I can't wait to have my first bite of Thanksgiving turkey tonight. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!  xo

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