Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Recap


Good morning my lovely readers!  Did everyone have a fabulous long weekend?!  I went home to Kingston to visit with family.  My mom prepared and dad cooked a delicious meal Thursday evening.  It was so nice to enjoy home cooking.  I'll have to share mom's marinade with you another day because it is the best! Friday we spent sunning ourselves and doing a little bit of yard work.  I should have taken a photo of my mom, sister Katie and I all in our black lulu lemon pants, black tank top and pale skin sitting out on the driveway hoping to get a tan.  We looked ridiculous!  I'm sure the neighbors were laughing at us from inside their houses saying 'look at those crazy pale white girls thinking they'll get a tan and not a burn! HAHA!' Don't worry we protected our Scottish skin.

After more family time, a quick visit with the grandparents and lunch at our favourite pub (Duke of Wellington) it was back to Toronto to be with my hubby.  We celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday. Ryan surprised me with pink and white tulips first thing in the morning and then we exchanged gifts.  I recieved my very first Tiffany blue box with a beautiful pair of silver studs.  It was so exciting!  I captured the moment here...

Can you tell it's a bit sunny???? 

Ryan is getting a time-piece as he calls it (otherwise known as a watch...).  It's important for guys to pick it out themselves according to every guy I asked.  :)

We enjoyed Easter brunch with Ryan's family. Unfortunately I forgot to take a group shot or a shot of my MILs table set up. Carol Anne does such a wonderful job decorating the table and making sure all of us get a little something to take home. She served the most delicious French Toast I've ever ate. Dip thin slices of raison bread into pancake batter and fry up. Honestly it's mouth watering good!!

After sunning ourselves even more on my in-laws back porch we headed to the driving range to hit some balls. It was my first time out since last summer. I was nervous to impress Ryan with what I remembered from last year. The nerves quickly dissipated with every stroke I took. I was amazing! Seriously, Ryan stopped to watch me in awe a few times. He was so proud of his wife. :)  It was the best driving-range session ever! 

Any who, I need to start using my camera more because you would have been very impressed with our anniversary dinner of filet minion, whipped potatoes and red wine fried mushrooms.  YUM!!
Back to work today.  It's going to be another busy day at the office.  I'll try and squeeze in a few pretty pics later in the day. 


  1. Lucky girl! Sounds like a wonderful day :) LOVE the earrings! xo

  2. Happy Anniversary! Our first is coming up, I'll be sharing your post with my husband!


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