Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap and Client Project Update

Good morning!!  Skip ahead if you prefer to see pictures instead of hearing about my weekend and ramblings...

Thank you to everyone who sent me such sweet and thoughtful messages after my bad day at the office on Thursday.  I'm happy to say that management realized their mistake.  They did not give us the full commission but agreed to at least half.  The reasoning makes sense.  It's the route they should have taken in the first place but that would have involved thinking ahead and sometimes that just doesn't seem possible for certain people.  It's frustrating that we had to go through the hassle and how dissapointing it was to hear they were renegging on what they originally agreed to.  However, I realize that mistakes are made and not done on purpose.  There have been changes made for next fiscal that I think will help end some of the problems.  I have no intensions of looking for work else where.  I've put in a lot of time and effort to back away now.  Not to mention there are some benefits to working where I do and I really like most of my colleagues.  We are a small office that acts like a family most of the time.  It can cause issues because of the lack of formality but it also makes most of us feel very comfortable at work and allows us to say what's on our mind (good or bad).  Now, that's done and it's a new week.  Time to start fresh. 

I had a wonderful weekend.  Friday was a bit of a write-off after taking an allergy pill that made me feel way too medicated to do anything.  I've decided I can't take them anymore.  They make me feel light-headed and empty inside.  It's a horrible feeling.  My colleagues were making fun of me all afternoon because I could barely function.

Ryan was off on Saturday.  We met up with my mom (in town for 24 hours) and sister Meg for a bit of shopping and lunch.  It was Ryan's lucky day!  I bought him a sweet looking watch for our anniversary and a blackberry and Lulu Lemon jacket for his birthday.  After that it was time for me and the house.  We wandered around 6th floor of The Bay at Queen & Yonge.  I was very impressed with the furniture selections from Gluckstein and a few other designers.  I will do a recap of it as soon as we figure out how to take the pics off of Ryan's blackberry.

In the meantime, I want to share my shopping trip with Paula (the friend who's house I'm decorating).  We had a blast at Elte yetserday! I told Paula that if I ever were locked in the store overnight it would be the best night of my life (apart from other momentous events in my life).  I would slide into every cozy bed and have a little snuggle in all the Sferra sheets, then I would sit on every sofa and chair while analyzing and cataloging all contents of the store in my brain.  (How crazy do I sound right now?) 

Below is the Lillian August sofa and chair we picked out for the living room.  As soon as Paula saw them she fell in love.  We had a lot of fun picking out the fabric.  In the end we went with the fabric that is on the sofa and chair and picked different fabric for the pillows. 

My camera does not do justice to the fabric for each pillow.  It's stunning in person. 

This is the fabric on the chairs.

That's all for now folks.  Have a great day!! xo


  1. I'm so glad everything worked out! yay! That couch is beyond gorgeous.. with all the pillow options! xoxo

  2. The sofa is stunning! And I love the pillow fabrics you are using (considering?) too.


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