Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy First Anniversary!

Today is our one year anniversary!  I can't believe it!  The last 12 months have flown by so quckly!  We've shared so many great times with each other - travelling, buying our first house, cooking, holidays and just being by each others side daily. I'm so lucky to have met Ryan and married my best friend.  Lovie, every year gets better and better.  I have no idea how we will keep topping them.  Love you!!! 

Here is a little (or large) recap of the day.  

Getting my hair done.  

Ryan's looking so handsome... as usual.  

Look how happy Ryan and his folks are.  I love them dearly!

A beer at 11am... why not!  

A relaxing game of foosball anyone?

My flower girl Emma has just arrived.  Isn't she sweet! 

The dress and details...

Oh, another touch-up?  Ok!  Thanks Meg! 

Me, my HOT bridesmaids and the cutest little flower girl ever seen!  I love their dresses so much I wish I bought one for myself just to keep.  The colour was so unexpected.

Don't we clean up nicely!  (Dad's having trouble smiling with the stress of knowing his eldest was getting married shortly).

Dad's looking so nervous.  I don't think he smiled until after the ceremony.  I was calm, happy and very excited to walk down the isle and marry Ryan!  

I had to include this shot because it's just so funny!  The weather was horrible on our wedding day!  Wind warnings and every kind of precipitation possible!  My dad and Uncle Don were trying to help me get out of the car and not blow away. 

Running late!  It's not like they can start without me. :)  I love this shot of me and dad running up the stairs.  

Look at how handsome my husband is!

St. Mary's Cathedral is beautiful!  It was the perfect setting.  

I do!

Kiss your bride!

Yeah!!  It's time to party now. 

The photographer was trying to get a few good shots outside but I felt like we were going to take off with the wind.  A storm was brewing fast! 

Us and our parents

The boys looking handsome and ready to get their party on. 

A quiet moment for me and Ryan.

Love this photo!

Check out Ryan's Nike socks... this is what happens when I'm not around to get ready with him.  Haha! 

Alright, I honestly can't stay at the computer any longer with my slow internet and the fact that I'm running late this morning.  It's time to head to the in-laws for Easter brunch.  Last photo is just before our reception (the best party ever!).  We had our first dance (without the music) in the middle of the seating area all by ourselves (except for the photographer overhead...)  

Ok... one more photo.  Here we are on our honeymoon!  It was fabulous!!!  Go to the Excellence Mayan Riviera.  

Happy Easter!!


  1. Sarah! Gorgeous + how fabulous are you in your amazing blue shoes? Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing doll.... Happy Anniversary and Easter! xoxo e

  3. Awww! Happy Anniversary! It's almost time for our first year anniversary, isn't being married just the BEST??? Thanks for posting, I so enjoyed seeing all of your pics, and the shoes!!!! The shoes rocked!

  4. Such lovely photos. You two were just glowing. Happy Anniversary!


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