Monday, April 26, 2010

Niagara Falls Outlet Shopping & Weekend Recap

Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I definitely enjoyed mine.  20 seconds after getting home on Friday I received a call from two dear friends who I haven't seen in over a month.  They were taking a walk with their 3 week old baby Jack who I hadn't met yet.  He is SOO CUTE!!!! A little fussy about which way we walked.  He seemed to like the more bumpy sidewalks rather than the smooth.  Odd... Any who, we had a great little catch-up before they were back home to feed Jack.  Luckily they live up the street from me so I think I'll be stopping by a bit more once Jack's 4 weeks old.

I didn't pick up the dresser on Friday.  It turned out to be a lot more scuffed up than originally appeared in photos.  :(  It would be a great piece to have but I don't have the time to refinish it right now.  We have 5 weeks left in our rental unit and then it's off to my in-laws/friends for 9 days before we move into the new house.  There is a lot to be done in the next 6 weeks and a lot of work to settle us in and get the house in tip-top shape.

Saturday was a glorious day of shopping.  It was seriously one of the best shopping days I've had in years!  Betsy thank you so much for inviting me along.  Laura, Besty and I shop the same way.  We're in and out of a store if we think it's a waste and we take our time in stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J.Crew and of course Target.  We also split up several times for various time periods only to find each other when an opinion was needed.  We were meant to shop together.  Betsy and I did very well taking home more than we thought possible.  Shopped till we dropped at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall from 10am-3pm purchasing everything from dress tops, casual tops, dresses, shoes, handbags, perfume and then thought it was best to keep the good shopping mojo going with a stop at Target (even though we had no energy).  As soon as we got out of the car at Target and inside those doors there was this magical renewed energy.  The store is amazing!  It was a complete gold mine.  We bought jersey dresses, t-shirts, shoes (5 pairs between the 3 of us), sheet sets, hand soap/lotion....etc.  We spent 2 hours wandering the isles giggling with happiness.  Every once in a while one of us would say 'I can't believe how good this is?!" :)  Don't you love those kind of shopping days? 

Here is a little snap shot of the shoes I purchased.  The first are from Kate Spade Outlet.  Amazing deals!!

The second is from Target.  It's as gladiator as I'll ever get. 

This cute pair is from an unknown store.  As soon as we saw them it was a must buy.  How cute are they?!

We didn't get home until 8:30pm. It was a long day but completely worth it.  I'll have to save up again to go in the summer.  Even with paying duty we saved a lot of money.

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  1. The kate spade shoes rock. It will be a good summer in those shoes.


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