Monday, April 19, 2010

My New Dining Chairs!

I've never been a huge Craig's list fan... until now.  Ryan has purchased and sold golf items on there from time to time.  He found our apartment and sold his Jetta on it but I still never had any desires to go in search of treasures.  To be honest, I just thought it would be like shopping at Winners.  I love the idea of getting designer clothes discounted but just can't be bothered to search through all of the clothes.  That all changed when we started saving for our wedding and then the house.  Why pay full price when you can get so many items discounted.  I'm much better at finding deals for the house then clothing.  I love HomeSense! 

Ok, I'm rambling... The point is I finally started looking on Craig's list for furniture.  To my great surprise I found out it's a GOLD MINE!  I know I'm the last to know.  I knew I just didn't want to put in the time.  Today I'm so glad I did because we landed ourselves a great deal!  Eight cane back Louis dining chairs for $900!  There were 14 of them but we had no idea what we would do with 14 so we settled for 8.  These chairs are at least worth $250 each.  I'm so happy!!

The owner had just refinished them last year (stain guard and all).  The fabric isn't my favourite but it will certainly do for the first few years or until I can refinish it myself or afford someone else to do it.  How much would each chair cost to refinish (minus the fabric)?

Now it's time to find a dining table.  We want something like a harvest table or something that will age well.  We plan on having kids one day and I want them to be able to colour, draw and do crafts at the kitchen table.  Nothing high maintenance. 

Have a great day!!! 


  1. LOVE them! Nice find!! Funny I have the same attitude towards tables.. mine has marker, crayon and a little play doh on it.. just adds to the charm. xoxo

  2. these chairs are great. i do like the fabric, too. it looks like a quality refinishing job. i bet you will live on craigslist now!

  3. Great finds I am looking for some wing chairs and side chairs on deals too,
    I want to upholster them in my custom embroidered silk fabrics!

  4. Oh my...I love the chairs you got!! Maybe take a look at the Anthropologie Store for inspiration for a table. As for refinishing the chairs. I have covered ours with new fabric many times. It is fairly easy, but it takes time. Would you consider slip covers? That would look neat!?

  5. I am thinking of putting a slip cover on them in linen with a neutral colour. First I must find the table.


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