Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bad Day....

Get ready for a serious venting session!

I'm having a terrible day! I work for a company that consistently goes back on their word. While that is typically a tough environment it's even worse when you work on 100% commission. I was told to help the company out and help work on a client because a colleague who was out of the office more so than in it and took more vacation than was allotted (this colleague is gone now). So because I'm a good employee I helped them out. I brought in the sale after working it from start to finish. I was told they would make my time worthwhile and pay me. Today, they went back on their word. It's not a surprise, which is a problem. How do I continue giving my all to a company that doesn't respect me or keep their word? There is no trust. I can't quit because I need the money. I want to rip management’s heads off right now. I want to kick and scream! Instead, I'm trying to put together a thoughtful rhetorical. The sad thing is I keep hearing 'we just need you to take one for the team. A bit of humble pie if you will...'  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  I'm certain I've heard this before and yet I'm still dealing with the same B.S!

I'm so mad I don't know what to think or how to express myself. I honestly can't think right now. Do I stay at the office? Or is that giving in? Do I leave to make a statement? Does leaving make it seem like I don't care? I do care! I care a lot! (for some reason...). 
I'm stuck in a bad place and really want out today. I don't like feeling unappreciated and I don't like not trusting those I work for. What are my next steps? I have to be strategic in how I talk to them and how I fight for what I deserve.

Anyone have any words of wisdom?


  1. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry. There is nothing worse that not being appreciated + valued. We had alot of the same situation at my old job... where expectations just got higher + higher with no benefit to those contributing. If you love your job, stick it out for a bit, hopefully someone will see the light - or start looking :) Hugs xoxo

  2. oh no...rough day. Yep take a deep breath, stay calm and then go to your boss. You need the remind them of your worth. Do just that and then see what happens...but give yourself a timeline. You need to know when enough is enough. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad day! That's horrible that your efforts went unrecognized.

    Since we can only change our own actions (and not those of others), then if you want this pattern to change you've got to change what you're doing. Maybe it means telling your boss how disappointed you are, or telling the higher ups that you won't tolerate this happening again. Or worst case, it might mean leaving for greener pastures. Whatever you decide to do, the outcome can't be any worse than it is, right?

    Good luck. Its always tough to stand up for yourself and get what you deserve.

  4. Ouch...very sorry you are having trouble. A woman's intuition can get her a long way. My way of dealing with this would be:
    A. If you love the company and the job..a lot-
    Then file a formal complaint letter to you HR Manager and copy in their superior. This letter must be written in a very calm formal manner.
    B. If you really are not attached to the company or job-
    Start looking for another job. And do not tell anyone but your husband about it. Then when you land that perfect position, Quit!
    Although the business world is hard core you and your employer have an agreement. You work and they pay you. If they hire you out to do extra work and tell you extra pay will be given, then they must follow through with what they offer.
    Best of luck! AK


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