Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The emotions of house hunting

I'm about to rant so if you come to this blog for beautiful inspiring designs then you might want to skip this post. I’ll be back later or tomorrow (depending on how busy today is) with gorgeous rooms.
Today, I was hoping to sign on and write about our beautiful new house. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We never heard back from the sellers last night. Our offer expired at 6pm and now we feel like we've been hung out to dry. Last we heard, the seller was at his lawyer’s office (this is a messy sale because the couple is getting a divorce). This news led us to believe we were nearing the end. The end it was since we haven't heard from the since yesterday afternoon. I believe we've lost the house but they don't even have the decency to let us know.

Karma will definitely come back to haunt these people. If you do badly to others it comes back two fold. The sellers were greedy this weekend and honestly treated our offer(s) like crap. I realize the real estate market is one tough cookie to crack but honestly, does it really need to be this difficult? Those who say house hunting is fun and that buyers should enjoy the process must have been high on drugs or they've never gone through the process because so far we haven't had any fun. It has been emotional torture and we've only been at it 3 weeks! I have friends who have been house hunting for 13 months!! Maybe by month 4 or 6 you start to see it as more of a business transaction and less emotional. Right now I'm on the emotional side of it. I thought we found our dream 'starter home'. I should have known it was too good to be true. At one point last night, in the midst of tears streaming down my face I started to think is it my Karma? Have I been greedy? Were our offers not good? Did we go about it the wrong way? You know how it goes in your head (well, if you're anything like me you do). I over analyze and have conversations in my head about how I could have done it better or differently. I swear I'm not crazy! I don’t have these conversations out loud… just in my head…

I was drunk with exhaustion from all the emotions and thoughts racing through my head. Luckily I fell asleep quickly and woke up this morning knowing that we did all we could. We played our cards right. We just didn't win this hand. For now, we need to keep playing. We'll find the right house and it will be better than this one. I need to project positive thoughts. I believe the universe has a plan for all of us. Each step of the way we must learn something to move onto the next step in order to reach our destination (whatever that may be). I’m sure this stepping stone is to teach me more patience (because I have none!) and to leave my emotions out of a business deal! The test will be how I handle the next offer we make. Only time will tell.

I hate ending things negatively so let’s image ourselves enjoying a lovely picnic here. It’s a gorgeous hot sunny day. The water is warm and inviting.  We're fit and looking hot in our bikinis.  There isn't a worry to be thought of and we're with our loved one.  LIFE IS GRANDE! 

Have a great day!!

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  1. Buying your first place can be a tough experience and can certainly teach you alot about people, business, and the ways of the world. When my husband and I bought our first home (condo) many years ago, I had some of the worst stress headaches of my life. Much has happened and we ended up renting and are now back looking to get into the market again.Yes, be positive. This time around didn't work out for you, but I bet it was for a reason. It will all come together for you and you'll be happier that things worked out this way.

    When we started looking last month, the very first place we saw had the perfect layout. Just what we wanted. I fell in love with it and pictured us living in it before we walked out. Unfortunately it was in a rough area, a parking space was extra, and the maintenance fee was through the roof. I've got the photos and the little brochure, and have the floorplan pinned up on my inspiration board where I can see it everyday. I'm keeping positive. Hang in there Sarah, we'll both get our dream homes! :-)


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