Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brandon Barre Photography

Have you ever found a room that catches your breath the second you see it?  Well, for me it was the following rooms photographed by Toronto's own Brandon Barre.  I believe most, if not all rooms are designed by the very talented Candice Olson.

This kitchen encompasses all of my favourites: crystal chandeliers, white and dark wood cabinets, white marble, a huge island with a sink, wine fridge, space to entertain while cooking and beautiful french doors leading to what I hope is a manicured lawn and lush garden.  :)

I love the dining area with the mix of it's white table and formal dining chairs, the island open shelves for storing large platters and most used dishes and the large storage cabinet with built in espresso machine.  The cookies and cream colour scheme is my favourite!

LOVE the black, gold and white theme of this living room.  The art really pops against the dark wall. 

Can my future home please come with this living room?  It would be a dream come true. 

I would keep this room all to myself.  It would be my hide-away. It's so elegant!

I wouldn't mind waking up in this room every morning.  It's so girlie and pretty! 
All photos via Brandon Barre

I'm in advertising hell today.  I have way too many proposals due and not enough time.  I'll be back tomorrow. 

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