Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Candice Olson

Some people look forward to February because it's the shortest month of the year, we celebrate Valentine's Day and it's a popular month to go-away on a hot vacation.  I'm not such a bit fan of February simply because it tends to be the coldest month in Ontario and it's just another reminder that we are only half way through winter.  :( I realize I'm being negative but it's not my fault, I'm suffering from the winter blues.  I need some vitamin D STAT!!!  After watching the Blind Side this weekend I've come the conclusion that I was really meant to be a southerner and that I need to figure out a way to move down south pronto!  Or at least be able to vacation in a hot spot once a month. (I'm not sure which would be more difficult)  I can't take these winters anymore.  I don't think I could ever take the winter that well.  So to get my mind off of it (AGAIN) it's time to check out beautiful rooms.  :)  (There is always a bright side... you just have to find it). 

I have come across Candice Olson's work many times over the last few weeks and thought it would be nice to share her designs with you.  Many rooms are designed for families therefore making them well-used rooms that need to be comfortable, user-friendly and inviting.  I love her use of cream, brown, taupe, grey, blue and white.  This colour scheme is soothing.  Money well spent for her clients! 

Enjoy reading and browsing below.  I'm sorry for the delay today.  The day just got away from me.  More to come tomorrow and I think I still owe you a recap from my trip to London, England. 

I would really like to move into this bedroom.  The various shades of grey and hit of blue and white are perfect!  It's clean sophisticated and cozy!  :)

This master suite is HUGE!!  I love the mix of built-ins, creamy white walls, blue and cream fabric, chrome and glass.  I would never leave this bedroom if it was mine.  Seriously, it's big enough to entertain, work and sleep.  Where else would you have to be if you had this room?

I remember this bathroom from her show.  There are TVs hidden behind the mirrors!  Very cool!!  It would be convenient when getting ready in the morning as you could catch up on your news and/or favourite gossip shows.  Another hit is the overflow bathtub.  Devine! 

This is a stylish family room with space to entertain, do homework, make crafts and play games. 

The backsplash is a little too much for me but worth sharing.

I think this is her best kitchen so far because (a) it's white and grey (b) it has great lighting (c) it has a cozy window seat!

Candice likes to use islands as seating areas.  They end up being the focal point of the kitchen which is great because that's usually where guests end up socializing.  If you don't like stainless steel then this kitchen is definitely not for you.  I find the appliances are a bit too noticeable in this kitchen.

Again the backsplash isn't my taste but it does add character to the room. I love the chalkboard to-do list and the very functional island. 

I adore the colour scheme in this dining room, the dining chairs, rug and buffet.  Her designs are always so comfortable and classic.

All pictures via Flickr, HGTV, Decorpad


  1. Adorei o blog . Sou brasileira e Também sou FÃ da Candice Olson. Coloque Outras fotos com COMENTÁRIOS . Gostei Bastante .
    Grande abraço
    Monica ( m.fogaca @ uol.com.br )

  2. I adore Candice's style, I'm completely hooked on the show. If only the furnishings were available in Australia!

  3. Hi, I love your blog and apsolutely adore Candice Olson and her work;-)!!

  4. By far the most creative designer in Canada. No one comes close!


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