Thursday, February 11, 2010

All things Nate

Last night I found myself browsing Nate Berkus' website AGAIN!  If he wasn't gay and I wasn't married I know we would be together.  I think we could at least be BFF's.  If he met me then he would realize that we should (a) have brunch every weekend together while talking design and Oprah (b) I'm a hidden talent that he should hire.  :)  A girl can dream... right?

My heart starting pounding fast when I first saw these gorgeous sliding hidden doors leading into the bathroom. 

I love the metal tub and detail around the vanity against the stark white tile and marble. 

Oh how I love lacquered black doors! 

I LOVE WHITE!  It is the perfect backdrop for so many different styles of furniture and art.  It's the perfect colour in my eyes. 

I'm attracted to this ornate gold headboard which surprises me because I normally like simplicity.  The bedside table is stunning with just the right amount of detail, mix of white and grey and the marble top.  I think this room would be very refreshing to wake up in and I haven't even seen the entire room. 

I love the mix of golden brown and grey in this room.  It's masculine and cozy!  I think that has something to do with the accessories and gallery walls mix of sizes and styles. 

Here is the cutie himself next to the tiniest kitchen I've ever seen or a great bar area... What is it about guys in a great pair of jeans, t-shirt and bare feet? So Sexy!

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  1. Nate Berkus is a heartbreaker and his talent is admirable. He would be the perfect combo of husband and decorator!


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